Support - help and advice whenever you need it

#1 Buddy

Your first tier of support is entirely optional. You can choose to have your own goto ‘Buddy’ – a person known and trusted by you. This is someone who can lend you an ear, support and advice on a day to day basis. Available whenever you feel the need for a motivational chat  – or even a shoulder to cry on. 

We provide detailed advice on how to choose a Buddy and, once agreed, your chosen Buddy will receive their own short guidance manual – advising them as to how they can best support you throughout your transformational programme.


#2 Coach

Throughout the programme you will have your own dedicated tenkilos coach, that’s me shown left – but please don’t be alarmed! I will host twice-weekly coaching sessions with you (by phone, Skype or Zoom) – both to review & discuss your progress and to recommend techniques and refinements to enhance your performance. Coaching is key to the success of the tenkilos programme – some users complete without ever using the Buddy or Community support elements – it’s all about your own personal preference. See the About page for more coach info.

I have a wealth of knowledge and an armoury of techniques that I can recommend – to ensure that you optmize all aspects of the programme. I am also available to you – to answer any questions you may have throughout your programme.

#3 Community

tenkilos Community is a 24/7 online forum for the free exchange of ideas, tips, advice & other support by all tenkilos candidates – both current and previous. 

Unlimited access to tenkilos Community starts on day#1 of your programme and continues free for a full 12 months. 

As with choosing to have a Buddy, your involvement with Community is entirely optional – and at your discretion – and you can also join it anonymously, if preferred.

Support - ensuring you always stay on track!