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tenkilos success rate [to feb 2021] = 100%

tenkilos is a focused 10-week weight management programme that will permanently transform your relationship with food – the only guaranteed long term solution to a persistent weight problem. tenkilos doesn’t use ‘restrictive diets’ or physical exercise regimes – as neither offers a lasting solution for the vast majority of people.


The first thing we do is to equip you with all of the essential information you need – via the six blended training modules that comprise the tenkilos ‘Knowledgebase’. Then our expert coaching, tailored around your unique requirements, will ensure that you can achieve lifelong weight control. In 10-weeks your problem can transform into a lifetime asset.

Why Tenkilos?

TenKiLoS  is a word that encapsulates the programme’s objective – to:  

Transform via Knowledge, Lifechange & Support.

[Knowledge, Lifechange & Support represent the 3 pillars of tenkilos – see below]

tenkilos is a focused ten-week programme which will equip you with the skill of lifelong weight control – without the need for ‘diets’ or exercise.

 So, please spend ten minutes now, exploring this website. Then ask us anything you still need to know. We are here to answer your questions, not to sell.

And don’t worry if countless diets have failed you – because that is exactly why the tenkilos programme was developed. See more on: why diets fail.

KLS - the 3 pillars of tenkilos - click for details


know what you're doing


the method that delivers


ensuring your success

Why choose Tenkilos?

tenkilos teaches you how to understand and thrive in the everyday food environment in which we live. Following initial training you are encouraged to make your own knowledge-based decisions, whilst being expertly coached at every stage of your own personal transformation. 

tenkilos is non-intrusive on lifestyle, requiring no more than four hours of your time per week.

With no ‘restrictive diet’ plans or the need to partake in exercise [although we fully acknowledge the many benefits that exercise can deliver] the results come from your own rapidly growing ability to identify and make better food choices – choices that really work for you. Under expert coaching you will quickly learn to identify, isolate and change bad habits and improve your personal food environment, beyond recognition if necessary – all the time losing weight as you progress.

tenkilos achieves this fundamental transformation by adapting our proven coach-led programme around your own unique needs; whether you are suffering with long-term excess weight or just determined to nip an embyronic weight problem in the bud. Most clients achieve a weight reduction of 5 to 10kg – just during the 10 week programme; the end of which represents the start point of your new life – always able to control your weight to be precisely where you want it to be. 

The result of five years development, the tenkilos programme really works – just see some of our client testimonials.

We are currently developing a programme that looks to maximise the opportunity for reversing Type 2 Diabetes – available on this website – from Summer 2021.

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Just click this link: info@tenkilos.com and email your request for a free confidential consultation to discuss your current situation and give you some expert advice as well as a free tenkilos training module. This is not a sales call.