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tenkilos success rate [jan 2021] = 100%

tenkilos is a focused ten-week weight management programme that will permanently transform your relationship with food. You will develop lifelong control of your body weight – through a detailed understanding of both yourself and your food environment.


Expert coaching will ensure you can put an end to the pointless exercise of dieting forever!  tenkilos doesn’t utilise ‘diets’ or physical exercise regimes – it’s about achieving a knowledge based transformation in your relationship with food.

TenKiLoS => Transform via Knowledge, Lifechange & Support


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Why choose Tenkilos?

tenkilos teaches you how to understand and thrive in the everyday food environment in which we all live. You are encouraged to make your own knowledge-based decisions, whilst being expertly coached at every stage of your own personal transformation. It is non-intrusive on lifestyle, requiring between 4-6 hours of your time per week, during the programme.

With no ‘restrictive diet’ plans or the need to partake in exercise the results come from your own rapidly growing ability to identify and make better food choices – choices that really work for you. Under expert coaching you will quickly learn to identify and change bad habits and improve your personal food environment, beyond recognition if needed – losing weight as you progress. 

tenkilos achieves this fundamental transformation by adapting our proven coach-led programme around your own unique needs; whether you are suffering with long-term excess weight or just determined to nip an embyronic weight problem in the bud. Most clients see a weight reduction of 5-10kg++  just during the 10 week programme itself.

The result of five years development, the tenkilos programme really works – just see some of our client testimonials.

Why is the programme called Tenkilos?

SEVEN reasons behind the tenkilos name :

1. tenkilos encapsulates the programme, to:  Transform via Knowledge, Lfechange & Support.

2. tenkilos (10kg or 22lbs) is about the minimum weight you should need to lose.

3. 10 minutes is how long it takes to understand the programme; please spare that time now.

4. 10 hours is the approx. study time for the six tenkilos initial training modules.

5. 10 days is the approx. time needed to establish a sustainable rate of weight loss.

6. 10 weeks is the duration of your fully coached tenkilos programme.

7. tenkilos also represents our special fast track programme – for those in a real hurry!

By week 10, you will be capable of lifelong weight control – without ‘diets’ or exercise.

 So, please spend that first 10 minutes now, exploring our website. Then ask us anything you still need to know. We are here to answer questions, not to sell.

And don’t worry if countless diets have failed you – because that is exactly why the tenkilos programme was developed. See more about: why diets invariably fail.