Tenkilos is a knowledge based approach – and we start by giving you six easy to study blended training modules – collectively called the ‘Knowledgebase’.  This covers everything needed to enable you to undertand your problem and to start your journey towards a healthy and stable relationship with ‘everyday’ food.

Once you have acquired ‘the knowledge’ (a baseline of about 10 hours of study) and passed a straightforward ‘readiness’ test you will be ready, at a time of your choice, to begin your own three month tenkilos programme.

Six 'Knowledgebase' modules - aka DENLAC:

#1 Diets (demystified)

The first module explains the physiological changes that occur when we diet – and why diets invariably lead to yo-yo weight fluctuations (cyclical dieting) & ultimately long term weight gain. Over 98% of diet initiatives fail to deliver any lasting benefit – we’ll show you why and you’ll see why ‘Diets’ play no part in the Tenkilos programme.

#2 Energy (Equation)

This module explains the inescapable science behind weight management. Easy to follow, it explains and illustrates the scientific bedrock that underpins any credible weight loss initiative. 

Simultaneously it reveals the fundamental falsehood that so many ‘fad diets’ hide behind. Real weight management is not rocket science – it’s just based on science!

#3 Nutrition

Subtitled: the Good the Bad & the Deadly, this module explains the main food groups along with the key properties they possess – explaining how these can impact on our health – both for Good and for Bad.

The ‘Deadly’ section highlights the effect of prolonged poor diet choices on shortening average human lifespan – by anything from 7 to 12 years [depending on age, gender and degree of obesity]. 

Life is not only shortened it is also negatively impacted; obesity reduces both quality and quantity of life.


#4 Labels

Modern food labelling provides a wealth of useful information – if we know what we are looking for and understand our own requirements. 

This module combines with the previous one (Nutrition) to explain how to use food label information to make increasingly smart food choices. You will learn how to read food labels accurately and effectively – helping you to make better choices quickly.

#5 Addictions (or Habits?)

Just what is it that you think you couldn’t cut or even quit completely? You might be surprised, as well as much healthier if you understood the difference between habits and addictions in relation to food & drink. 

The psychology that defines both habits and addictions is also explained in the context of foodstuffs. This module is liberating for many – it demystifies a lot of the nonsense attached to the notion of ‘addictive foods’.

#6 Consequences (health)

Unfortunately an entire array of medical conditions is associated with being overweight or obese for any extended period. There is almost a complete A-Z of serious illnesses that can shorten life by anything up to 12 years.

This module describes and discusses these issues without the hype – together with an assessment of their long established implications for both health & life expectancy (quality & quantity of life). Living with obesity will shorten a life by anything between 7 and 12 years. Do you really think that wouldn’t happen to you?

Knowledge - the essential ingredient