"For decades I had tried everything to keep my weight down - without success. Tenkilos genuinely delivered lasting change, quickly.
Dr Andy Palmer, CEO Aston Martin , 2014-2020 

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Tenkilos will transform your relationship with food in the space of just three months. The Tenkilos programme does not include diets or exercise – nor does it ask you to ‘ban’ any foodstuffs. What it does do is to educate and then coach you to improve your diet – based on your personal tastes and preferences. It also shows you how to be more disciplined in your approach to making healthy choices. 

Poor diet is very largely habit driven. Tenkilos will show you how to identify, isolate and radically improve your food habits. It is a science based approach that uses imparted knowledge combined with continuous personal coaching. It delivers a permanent solution that will give you lifelong control over your weight. You will gain a genuine interest in improving the food you choose by understanding just how easy it can be to radically change your weight and your health.

Our clients typically achieve a weight loss of 7-14kg during their three month programme BUT much more importantly they develop a new, healthy, relationship with food – thus developing lifelong weight control.

Each Tenkilos solution is highly personal to every client. We train and coach you to improve your food environment – based on your tastes and preferences – not on generic diets prescribed by us. You will learn how making small changes can quickly make a big difference – one you will observe as your weighing scales unwind. You will also learn just how easy it can be to reduce or swap foods that you consider ‘addictive’.

Does it work? To date [Jan 2022] we have a 100% success rate.

Some quotes from our clients :

“The most important journey of my life … I’m confident that Tenkilos has added 10 years to my life – which is priceless.” [Neil O’N]

” Tenkilos radically improved my weight, health and outlook.” [Kelly  R]

“Tenkilos . . .  changes your relationship with food and puts you in control. Having lost over 23kg I’m now back to (and maintaining) my healthy weight for the first time in over 30 years!” [Dr Andy Palmer]

“It’s not rocket science – as far as I’m concerned it’s a whole lot more useful than that!” [K K Grant]

The Tenkilos programme is the result of four years research & development into the best approach to tackling a persistent weight problem. It has evolved into a fast and effective solution – with an unrivalled success rate. The reality is that neither diets or exercise represent effective ways of achieving long term weight reduction – because for the vast majority of people these short term ‘fixes’ simply can’t mend what is a long term (chronic) problem.

The only permanent solution is to transform your relationship with food. Tenkilos delivers this transformation by giving you the knowledge combined with the intensive personal coaching required. In just three months you really will have an entirely new relationship with food – one where you are always in control.

Please explore this website now – to see how, in just three months, we can show you how to: LIVE BETTER AND LONGER. Then, just email us to arrange your FREE consultation. We can help you – guaranteed. 

Obesity is a KILLER – Long term obesity impedes lifestyle, carries an A-Z of serious health problems and shortens life by 7-12 years, on average; depending on the sufferer’s gender, age and obesity level.

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