"Forget diets and residential camps, Tenkilos delivers permanent change.
Dr Andy Palmer, CEO Aston Martin , 2014-2020.

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obesity destroys lives

Tenkilos – the weight management coaching programme that will transform your relationship with food in the space of 10 weeks – thereby ending a weight problem that may have been with you for years.

Tenkilos is run remotely on a 1:1 basis, eliminating travel and maximising convenience. What’s more, if it doesn’t work for you – you can have your money back!

Tenkilos does not involve the use of restrictive diets or exercise – it is all about permanently transforming your personal relationship with food through a mix of education and professional coaching. Typically our clients achieve a weight loss of 7-14kg during their 10 week programme BUT  more importantly they  develop a new, healthy, relationship with food – facilitating permanent weight control and improved health.

What our clients say :

“The most important journey of my life … I’m confident that Tenkilos will add 10+years to my life – which is priceless.” [Neil O’N]

” Tenkilos radically improved my weight, health and outlook.” [Kelly  R]

“Tenkilos . . .  changes your relationship with food and puts you in control.” [Dr Andy Palmer]

Tenkilos is the result of five years research & development – it’s a fast, effective solution – with a success rate of 100%. The reality is that neither diets or exercise represent effective ways of achieving a long term weight reduction for the vast majority of people – because these short term fixes can’t mend this long term problem.

Please explore this website now – to see how, over 10 weeks, we can show you how to: LIVE BETTER, LONGER.

Obesity is a KILLER – Long term obesity impedes lifestyle, carries an A-Z of serious health problems and shortens life by 7-12 years, on average; depending on the sufferer’s gender, age and obesity level.

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Just click: info@tenkilos.com and email your request for a free confidential consultation to discuss your current situation and let us give you some expert advice, as well as a FREE Tenkilos training module. Your free consultation will be in strict confidence and will not be treated as a sales opportunity.