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[Tenkilos does not use ‘diets’ or exercise plans]

Tenkilos is an online weight management coaching programme that will literally transform your life in just 10 weeks – IF not, you can have your *money back!

It achieves this by teaching you everything you need to know in order to reach and then maintain your ideal body weight – for life! And this 10 week programme, that does not involve ‘diets’ or exercise, is proven to work – for everyone from bar staff to the last CEO of Aston Martin [see their comments below].

The result of five years research & development – tenkilos is a fast, effective and permanent solution with a current success rate of 100%. The reality is that neither diets or exercise represent effective ways of achieving a long term weight reduction. Tenkilos is not a ‘magic pill’ solution; it requires some learning and genuine effort – but the results are both rapid and literally life changing.

Please explore this website now – to see how, over 10 weeks, we can show you how to: live longer and better.

Obesity kills – shortening life by up to 12 years. To achieve lifelong weight control you need to create a permanent transformation in your relationship with food.

(Long term obesity impedes lifestyle, carries an A-Z of serious health problems and shortens life by 7-12 years, on average; depending on gender, age and obesity level).

Client Testimonials: (extracts; full accounts are on this website)

Dr Andy Palmer. CEO Aston Martin 2014-2020. Chair Optare plc.

“I’d tried many things, including residential weight camps, all to no lasting effect. After my Tenkilos programme I’m confident that I have achieved a permanent change. I have switched to many healthier alternatives; making my own, guided, decisions as my knowledge quickly expanded. I’m below 90kg for the first time since I ran a marathon 20 years ago. My diabetes is back in the normal zone and I hope to reverse it. Next stop is 79kg – a weight I’ve not been near since my 20’s. Tenkilos works because it changes your relationship with food and puts you in control.


Kelly Ronneburg. Proprietor & Publican, Gastropub, UK.

“I joined Tenkilos having failed with a myriad of diets; tempting food is ever present in my job! The initial training modules were really interesting and started to change my thinking about life, diet and my experiences. Over time and with coaching they helped me to make a huge difference, losing 9kg – just during the programme itself. I now realize that I can have a good time without losing control. I’ve learned to make informed choices that have already radically improved my weight, health and outlook.


Neil O’Neil. Screenplay Writer & Producer.

Having tried every diet and slimming club out there I started the Tenkilos programme with a mix of desperation and scepticism. I was wrong, dead wrong. During the 10-week programme itself I lost well over 10kg and I’ve just kept going ever since. I’m confident that tenkilos will add 10+years to my life – which is priceless. I am now at a weight I havent seen in 25 years – and I feel great! But the best news is that tenkilos is a lifetime mindset that I know will continue to improve my health and weight long into the future. I am eternally grateful to Richard for guiding me through the most important journey of my life. I would recommend tenkilos to anyone with a weight problem who also values the rest of their life.

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