The Lifechange method is a comprehensive framework that we have developed to coach any client through the steps required to shape their own knowledge-based transformation.  As such, each client only ever requires a personally tailored subset of the framework – and this is optimised for you by your coach.

With continuous guidance your ability to identify and select increasingly healthy food options will develop rapidly. The Tenkilos programme equips you to make informed food choices – and in doing so ensures you develop a lifelong understanding of how to create and sustain a healthy relationship with food.

What is Lifechange?

The Lifechange method encompasses a broad range of techniques that can be brought into play – in line with your own specific challenge. It is not a one-size fits all approach, rather it is a flexible framework that adapts to optimally address your own unique requirements.

What is common is the intense focus on professional coaching – and your coach will know precisely which techniques to deploy, and when – as you progress through your own transformational journey.


Tenkilos is based on the inescapable science behind weight management. No gimmicks, no fads, no ‘diets’ and no banned foods – and we don’t make the decisions that transform your relationship with food – because our role is simply to ensure that you are equipped to make those decisions for yourself!

Tenkilos ensures that you know everything you need to know to radically improve your relationship with food. You will acquire, practice and refine these essential lifelong skills throughout your own transformational program.


The Lifechange methodology is named eponymously – as the Tenkilos programme will change your life. You will lose weight but more importantly you will develop the lifelong skill of weight control. 

Having practised using this new ‘language’ – even as you learn it, with expert coaching and support; you will attain a degree of understanding that will stay with you for life.

Lifechange represents your opportunity to transform what may have been a lifelong problem into a lifetime asset.

Lifechange - delivering personal transformation