A healthy, confident, life

The Tenkilos programme will introduce you to what will become effortless mastery of your food environment – giving you the ability to both achieve and then maintain whatever weight you choose to be in the future.

lifelong solution

Say goodbye to diets for good - Tenkilos equips you to be whatever weight you want to be - for life!

better health

Reverse the huge negative implications for health & lifespan that being overweight or obese implies.


Your new understanding of nutrition, as well as all the human factors involved, means you will take control of this crucial aspect of your life.


The Tenkilos programme will ensure that you develop the practical skillset required to lead a healthy lifestyle with complete confidence.


Maintaining a healthy weight has long proven to be positively correlated with career advancement.


You wont just look better, you will feel better and have a lot more confidence.