About us

tenkilos background ...

Hello, my name is Richard Saint the chief designer and head coach of the Tenkilos program; a double science graduate and career problem solver. I spent my working life in IT using an MSc (Soft Eng) as a launchpad for building a sector leading company – developing systems that sold to scores of blue chip clients (BBC, GCHQ, Microsoft, Pfizer, etc.).

After selling that company I later undertook a role as a systems troubleshooter for a number of multinationals before setting up TuringsPeople.com in homage to the father of modern computing. 

In C21 it struck me that mankind was facing a bigger problem . . . the problem of becoming bigger.

... Tenkilos evolves

My experience of devising innovative solutions to intractable problems led me to having a number of discussions about the seemingly insoluble obesity epidemic – already challenging the £140 billion budget of the UK’s NHS. 

What started as an interest in 2015 led me to undertake a series of courses in: Obesity, Psychology & Nutrition. Ideas were beginning to form based on growing evidence that ‘diets’ were often a part of the problem – whilst almost never representing a lasting solution.

Starting from fundamental concepts and aided by research and discussions with experts in the field the Tenkilos programme steadily evolved – before performing brilliantly throughout comprehensive trials during 2020.

tenkilos delivers ...

Tenkilos was developed to tackle a very serious problem – and it works for everybody who has the will to apply themselves; to learn and adapt – through developing an interest in improving the foods that they routinely consume. No diets and no exercise – Tenkilos transforms your personal relationship with food.

Every Tenkilos customer has my personal promise that we will always act in your best interests – unlike so many in the ‘diet’ industry. Tenkilos exists to create positive transformations for each and every person that trusts us to help them to deliver a better (and probably longer) future.

tenkilos - our success rate is currently (24oct20): 100%