About us

Hi, I’m Richard Saint, the chief architect and head coach of the tenkilos programme. I spent 25 years working in IT, using an MSc [SoftEng] to create a sector leading company – developing high-value interactive systems for training systems analysts and IT project managers – that sold to scores of blue chip clients [BBC, GCHQ, Microsoft, NHS, Pfizer, etc].

I later worked as a troubleshooter for a number of multinationals based in the UK and Far East.

However, in C21st I became fascinated by the very serious problem facing humanity. . . overweight and obesity.

... Tenkilos evolves

What began for me as an academic interest in the obesity crisis in 2015 soon led me to undertake a series of courses in: Obesity, Psychology and Diet &Nutrition. I saw growing evidence that ‘diets’ were often a part of the problem – whilst very rarely representing a lasting solution to a personal weight problem.

I had previously gained extensive experience of the healthcare sector during my long career in IT. This included developing a software solution that enabled Pfizer to deliver clinical trials skills training worldwide as well as two years as a consultant to the NHS Management Executive. My experience of devising innovative solutions to complex problems led me into a number of discussions about the growing obesity pandemic – already challenging the £140 annual billion budget of the UK’s NHS.

Building from fundamental concepts and aided by research and discussions with experts in the field the Tenkilos programme steadily evolved between 2016 and 2020 – before performing flawlessly during comprehensive trials in 2020.

tenkilos delivers ...

Tenkilos was developed to tackle a very serious problem and it works for everybody, to date without exception.  Yes, you will need to apply yourself; to be willing to learn and to change – by developing an interest in improving your own diet and food habits. The benefits are priceless: improved health and a longer life. The sad reality is that long term obesity shortens life (by 7-12 years, on average, depending on gender/age and obesity level).

Every Tenkilos client has my personal promise that we will always act in your best interests – unlike so many in the ‘diet’ industry. The programme encourages you to make your own decisions at every stage of your progress, after first ensuring that you are equipped to do so.

Tenkilos exists solely to create a positive transformation for every person that trusts us to help them to acheive a brighter, healthier and longer future.

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Just click: info@tenkilos.com and email your request for a free confidential consultation to discuss your current situation and let us give you some expert advice, as well as a free tenkilos training module. Your free consultation will be in strict confidence and not be treated as a sales call.