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tenkilos success rate [feb 2021] : 100%

Dr. Andy Palmer

CEO Aston Martin 2014-2020, Chairman Optare plc.
Age: 50's. BMI at programme start: 30.

For the last 30 years, I prioritised work and became quite successful. With that came a pretty lavish life-style which resulted in a weight bordering on obesity.  With the onset of type 2 diabetes I began to realize that I needed to re-evaluate my life-style but the stress at work escalated and I hit my highest weight ever in April 2020, something had to change.


I started walking and removed alcohol from my diet during the week – I lost some weight but it soon plateaued; I had no idea how to get below 95kg.  I now realise that the problem was my relationship with food, but the problem didn’t have an obvious solution and I’d tried many things, including residential weight camps, over recent years – all to no lasting effect. And then I connected with Richard Saint (my Tenkilos coach) and  his newly developed Tenkilos programme. Ten weeks later and I now feel confident that I’ve turned a corner that represents a permanent change – as knowledge gained is hard to ignore.

The initial training modules piqued my interest; they were very well written and informative. I learned how food impacted my body; what was impacting my diabetes; and even how to read a food label – properly.  Using the food diary and with ongoing coaching I started to understand better where the calories and the sugars were really coming from. Foods I had previously assumed were good for me often weren’t. Over the following weeks I switched many foods to healthier alternatives; making my own, guided, decisions as my knowledge quickly expanded. Twice a week, I had coaching sessions – always professional but not always comfortable, especially after a business trip when my weight had increased; but at least now I fully understood why!

Tenkilos is not a diet; I certainly wasn’t on a diet for the last ten weeks – yet I lost over 5 kg in that period. This is the first time I’m below 90 kg since I ran the London Marathon 20 years ago. I now take my walks without getting breathless and I even use these to talk to business colleagues on the phone. My diabetes is back in the normal zone and eventually I hope to reverse it. Tenkilos works because it changes your relationship with food and puts you in control. I know others have lost over 10 kg in that 10 weeks and know I could have achieved that too.  But then I’m not stopping anytime soon, because the programme has been a genuine life changer. Next stop is 79 kg, a weight I haven’t seen since my late 20’s; and you know what, I really think I’ll get there!

Kelly Ronneburg

Proprietor and Publican, Gastropub, Warks.
Age: 30's. BMI at programme start: 40.

I joined Tenkilos having failed to achieve any lasting benefit from a myriad of diets; my job means that I'm surrounded by tempting foods 24/7. The initial training modules were really interesting and in many ways completely changed the way I started to think about often preconceived ideas relating to life, diet and experience - and over time and with coaching they helped me to make a huge difference to my decisions regarding food choices. The programme requires some effort, partly through self observation, but because the benefits are so clear from the outset it seemed a minimal effort to include this into my daily routine. 

My coach and I have worked together from the start to find and meet goals along the way, adjusting if we needed to with understanding - and adapting to life and any obstacles along the way. If you are having a bad week/mindset then the encouragement you get on a regular basis allows you to re-evaluate, find the positives and go again. I have found my coach to be thorough, honest and to the point which is refreshing and much needed when you have a weight problem. The emails that follow every coaching session are great for referencing back and people will hold onto positive comments made in these e-mails to motivate them during the remainder of the week.

As the programme progressed I definitely found my mindset had been altered, I started to set goals, often actually achieving them, and I fully intend to continue this discipline post programme. In the past being away on a break or celebrating have always meant a serious weight gain and I have discovered through this programme a number of techniques which have meant the scales have stayed the same or even continued to drop – without always having to compromise on food or that glass of wine!

I now realize that I can have a good time without losing control or undermining the goals that I am now working towards. Tenkilos is so much more than blindly following some diet plan. I’ve learned to make and understand my choices, the consequences of poor foods, and to make informed decisions that have radically improved my weight, health and outlook (I lost 9kg in the initial 10 weeks all through my own food choices – most that now represent permanent changes).

Neil O' Neil

Screenplay Writer & Producer.
Age: 60's. BMI at programme start: 40+.

Having been on every diet and a member of every slimming club going, I thought I’d tried everything there was on offer and when I started the Tenkilos programme it was with a mix of desperation and scepticism. I was wrong, dead wrong. On the 10 week programme itself I lost well over 10kg and I’ve just kept going ever since.


Tenkilos has completely re-educated my food knowledge and I’m confident that this intervention will add 10+ years to my life - which is priceless. My personal coach (Richard) fitted the method precisely to my needs - mentally and culturally as well as in a very objective and practical way. The result is that I am now at a weight I haven’t seen in the previous 25 years, my waist has reduced from a 44 to 38 and I genuinely feel great.

But the best news is that Tenkilos is a lifetime mindset that I know will continue to improve my health and weight into the future. I am eternally grateful to Richard for guiding me through the most important journey of my life. Tenkilos excels by teaching us to take control and make positive decisions. Of course it is not a magic wand solution, you need to be serious about losing weight and prepared to make some effort. I would recommend Tenkilos to anyone with a weight problem who also values the rest of their life.

K. K. Grant

Novelist and Ghost Writer.
Age: 50's. BMI at programme start: 26.

My work as a novelist, published under a variety of pseudonyms, means long hours of dutiful scribing and whilst I try to stay active away from my desk I found that my weight was on a slow but inexorable rise as my middle years unfolded. In addition to steadily heading in the wrong direction my weight problem seemed to suffer from sporadic increases - often following festivities or other occasions where I had over indulged.

Over the years I have tried a few diets, sometimes achieving a short term weight loss - it was usually back faster than it left; like an unwanted cat abandoned far from home. The worst part of this recurring cat was that somehow it had managed to put on weight and so ... I was soon, inevtiably, heavier than ever.

I engaged with tenkilos during its development phase, wanting to lose precisely 10kg and was advised that this was about their minimum criteria. I used the two-week initial training period to really engage with the ‘Knowledgebase’ modules - which immediately resonated with my own experience and within seven weeks of starting the programme proper my weight had dropped from 91.5kg to 80.8kg - an excellent 10.7kg drop. That was about 15 months ago and today I weigh just what I want - which is 82.5kg. Next summer I’ll probably ease that down to 81kg - because I know that I can now be exactly the weight I want to be at all times. 

I have seen the tenkilos website and so there would be no point in me repeating what it says - I will just say that it represents the programme accurately and honestly. The tenkilos programme is incredibly well researched and the coaching is exemplary. If you want to take control of your weight - for life - at the same time learning more about food and the psychology around it than you ever (wrongly) thought that you needed to know - then I'd recommend asking yourself one question: is curing a long term weight problem worth 10 weeks of 'hobby-style' effort to you?

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