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two programme options - which is best for you?

The Tenkilos programme is flexible – it’s really about how you’d like to engage. Your decision should be based on whether you think you’d respond better to coaching via email or ‘live’ interactive sessions. You will receive the same expert coaching and attention to detail in both scenarios.

live Coaching

Initial free consultation, training period and ‘readiness’ test followed by your bespoke 10 week programme with twice-weekly personal coaching – via Zoom, Skype or phone [see below for details].



Initial free consultation, training period and ‘readiness’ test followed by your bespoke 10 week programme with twice weekly personal coaching – via email.


Live coaching

Live Coaching is our standard programme. It involves ongoing review of your performance, food diary and recent decisions, highlighting any areas of concern and discussing alternatives. Over time these form part of a bespoke strategy – that is devised to address your specific challenge. 

Your coach has an armoury of techniques to help you identify and transform your bad food habits. They will also suggest specific actions to you – to help expedite your progress – to achieve your own personally defined smart goals.

Live coaching has the benefit of a dynamic two-way interaction at every coaching session. This also helps your coach to build a more nuanced picture of the specific aspects that represent the greatest challenges to you. 

You will receive a detailed email summary after every session.


Very similar to Live Coaching but without the ability for a dynamic two-way dialogue – as each twice weekly review is carried out by your coach and then communicated via email.

Here your coach is working with your online food diary, metrics, history, comments and any additional email messages. It is more flexible – as you don’t have to schedule Live Coaching sessions – but you can still ask any questions you may have, at any time. Phone or Zoom sessions can be requested, either by you or your coach, as ‘special interventions’ – at no extra charge.

E-Coaching provides an identical level of coaching service as Live Coaching but places slightly more onus on you to maintain self-discipline and motivation.

Not sure - talk to us

Both options invlove the same preparatory phase culminating in a phone test to ensure you are ready to start your programme. Whichever option you choose a tremendous amount of work in undertaken, behind the scenes, by your coach to analyse and adapt the programme so that it optimally addresses your own unique circumstances. If you are not clear as to which option would suit you best then we look forward to discussing the options with you – to ensure that you pick the one which represents your best choice.

free 30 minute consultation

Just click: and email your request for a free confidential consultation to discuss your current situation and let us give you some expert advice, as well as a free tenkilos training module. Your free consultation will be in strict confidence and not be treated as a sales call.

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